Best Keyless Door Locks Reviews (April. 2019) Buyer’s Guide

Best keyless door locks 2018
After the analysis of thousands of users’ feedback based on the real-life experiences of buyers, we found some really worth while keyless door locks to recommend you. Don’t have time to read a 5000+ word article? Jump to Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, the best rated and top selling product against affordable price.

Security is one of the biggest issues that people face today. Though traditional lock types are still in use, they have failed to provide utmost safety and satisfaction to the users.

They also involve a great cost and difficulty in installation, operation and maintenance.You cannot operate them through digital and keyless technologies, like user codes, fingerprints and Wi-Fi or web. So, a better alternative seems quite indispensable.

In order to ensure ultimate safety of property, possessions and valuables,tech-rich forms of locks are being introduced. For example, the digital keyless door locks offer a smart and reliable option for your security system.

With the use of this lock, you can say goodbye to stolen, lost or forgotten keys and make entry to your home or office keyless, effortless as well as painless.

There are many models available. Careful analysis is important to pick the right brand and model. It should have more security benefits than risks involved.

After the analysis of thousands of users’ feedback, we feel confident to name Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt as the best door lock. It is not only incredibly affordable but also one of the top-rated products and the top seller digital keyless door lock. Though it lacks the smart technologies, like Z-wave connect, you can benefit a lot from its quick installation, several user access codes, backlit keypad and durability.

If you are not satisfied with the techs and mechanics of Schlage keypad deadbolt, go for the better alternative of Schlage Z-wave Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt which allows connection with home automation system and remote smartphone or web based operationand control of the lock. It also supports Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Top 10 Best Keyless Door Locks:

While  you  are  buying  the  best  keyless  door  locks,  always  go  for  the  brand  new  items.  A secondhand  lock  can save  a  considerable  amount.  But  who  will  guarantee  that  it  is  not  faulty  and will  work  as  good  as  the  new  piece?

It is very likely that a second hand item would be defective in functioning. The keyless door locks involve even greater concerns as they are based on an electronic locking system. If it has gone through repairing, there is very likelihood that it will stop working at any time.

In case of such an unfortunate situation, all your money will be lost. Also the security of your house would be at a great risk.

Best Keyless Door Locks Reviews 2019

Do you deem is necessary to read reviews before buying a product? It may not be worthwhile. But the sincere reviews are of incredible important.

It is the reviews that give you sound idea regarding how good the given product works. The real life users inform you about the defects in their structure and function. The users also provide you a hint about the overall worth of an item through ratings.

That is why before making a purchase, you must go through the authentic evaluations. Here are the best keyless door locks reviews 2019. These will surely help you in coming across the best thing that will solve the issue of your building’s security once for all.

1.August Smart Lock (2nd Gen) Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit

What do you consider the best about a modern smart door lock – quick and easy installation, hands-free access or high level of security? August Smart Lock 2nd Gen best door lockProbably, you would like everything. All these and several other cutting-edge features are all there in August’s new Smart keyless hands-free door lock system.

It is as fantastic in functioning as simple in looks. Even the seemingly ordinary appearance of August smart lock is full of grace and grandeur.

The amazing hands-free technology of the lock enables it to lock and unlock the door automatically as you approach the door and go away from it, respectively.

So, if you want to get rid of the hassle of locking and unlocking manually, August’s smart lock is perhaps the best thing in the market. Meanwhile, you can control access to your home with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or your smartphone.

The installation is incredibly easy. You need just a few minutes to attach it to the inside of your existing deadbolt. It requires no changes in the exterior of your door.

The August smart door lock system has been designed in such a way that you can install it as a DIY job, requiring minimum possible amount of energy, time and effort.

With remote access functionality, you can get access to your front at any time and from anywhere. Just use the August Connect app on your smartphone.

At the same time, the August’s advanced technology provides you an extraordinary level of security – probably the best security you can imagine.

Create temporary virtual keys with the time limit of a few days, few hours or a specific time duration and send them to anyone to get access to your home.

After the pre-defined time limit, the virtual keys will expire. So, it’s all under your complete control and you will have no concern about the security breach.

It doesn’t end at the generation of virtual keys and sending to the given person or persons. You are always connected with your door lock and get notifications as someone gets access to your home and leaves it.

Here are some of the pros and cons of August 2nd Generation Smart Lock system.

  • Easy install with least time and effort.
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, Logitech, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Google Assistant and many more.
  • August Connect remote access technology.
  • Hands-free access with auto locking & unlocking.
  • Create virtual keys for limited & specific time.
  • Get notifications about door activity.
  • Costly product – priced at over $200.
  • Reports of issues with auto-lock/unlock.
  • People complaining about iOS incompatibility.
  • Sometime, unexpected responses.
  • Complaints about shorter battery life.

Buy August Smart Lock (2nd Gen) now from Amazon

2. Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Would this deadbolt do? May be you don’t know, but it can be far better than traditional schlage-be365vcam619-camelot-keypad-deadboltsecurity systems. To your very surprise, it is the best seller deadbolt on Amazon.

Thousands of buyers have left five-star rating for this modern keyless door lock. This is why it deserves the top place on the list of the top 10 best keyless door locks.

The fitting of this lock involves the installation of a one-unit tool. You can do it quite easily and quickly. Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt is available in as many as 8 attractive Satin Nickel coated shades. Each variant has a different design and functioning power.
Similarly, the price varies across different models of the product. A keypad is there on each model for easy keyless entry. You can choose the one that corresponds to your needs as well as affordability.

Two 4-digit user codes have been set by default. However, you can add new or delete the existing codes without facing any trouble. The codes can also be of 6 digits. The maximum code capacity is 19. It means as many as 19 individuals can unlock the door using their own unique code.

Though there is just one year electronics warranty, the mechanical warranty is for lifetime. So, it’s the right time to get rid of keys. Enjoy professional grade security with Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt keyless entry lock.

  • Supports 19+ deletable access codes.
  • Quick installation without any wiring.
  • Available in 7+ variants.
  • Easy to fit on all standard doors.
  • Enjoys 5-star rating from over 3,000 buyers.
  • The best seller items among deadbolts on Amazon
  • Adjustment issues on non-standard doors.
  • Only 4-digit security code—some users want more!
  • Evaluation of door hardware is necessary before installation.
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity.

Buy Schlage BE365VCAM619 now from Amazon

3. Kwikset 909 Smart Code Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel

Aren’t satisfied with the traditional deadbolt? If so, you might be looking for a motorized kwikset-909-smartcode-electronic-deadbolt-reviewdeadbolt with one-touch locking mechanism. It’s Kwikset 909 – one of the best.

The Kwikset electronic door lock is a one touch locking system. It has a motorized deadbolt for easier, quicker and safer operation.

The back-lit keypad, on the other hand, is to enhance visibility at the night time. It supports eight user codes including a master code. Each of these codes is easily customize able.

The Kwikset Smart Code electronic deadbolt lock also comes with the useful option of customized automatic door locking. It will give you the peace of mind as the door will be locked automatically after 30 seconds.

The installation too is extremely easy. You will need only a screw driver for it. The Smart Code Signature technology makes the keyless entry ever more convenient and controllable. The opening of the lock would require just a few pushes of buttons on the keypad. Meanwhile, you can lock it with just a single push.

Let’s look at the experience of the real life users with this great tool. They have expressed full confidence in its usability and given nearly five star ratings. As sale package is on, the users can avail more than hundred percent discount.

Here it is noteworthy that Kwikset smart code electronic deadbolts are facing tough competition from Schlage Deadbolt lock systems.

  • Electronic motorized deadbolt system.
  • One-touch locking mechanism.
  • Option for automatic door locking.
  • Supports rekey technology.
  • Modern look and feel.
  • Some users faced problems in installation.
  • May be negatively affected by temperature fluctuations.
  • Loud opening and closing sounds.

Buy Kwikset 909 Smart Code now from Amazon

4. Singstek Keyless Door Lock Entry Security Safety Door Locksignstek-keyless-digital-electronic-entry-security-safety-door-lock

For some people, the high popularity of a product is not that much significant. They just want quality along with economy. One of the best keyless door locks systems, Signstek is for such individuals.

Looking for some reliable security system that is also unbelievably economical? The keyless digital electronic entry security lock, Signstek, costs you even less than $50!

Signstek keyless door lock offers you a feasible option to get rid of the outdated door locking tools. You can modernize your home security system. It comes with the advanced electronic lock mechanism. There is immense flawless working potential. At the same time, it is available against an incredibly low price package.

The installation too is very easy. There is no need to open another hole. It can be fitted into the existing knob lock hole. Even the nonprofessionals can install it quickly and conveniently. The backlit keypad will make it convenient for you to operate the lock at night.

The ease of operation makes it equally suitable for houses, apartments and offices. Each of the three available body shades of gold, gray and silver emanates an exquisite look. The structure is so refined and the working is safe and reliable.

Signstek keyless door lock supports 10 user pass codes. One is the master password and remaining 9 are sub passcodes. You can change each of these passwords at any time as per your needs.

It has a ‘low battery alarming system’. Also the replacement of battery won’t affect the information about passwords. The complete package includes door lock, fixing screws, jamb box, strike plate, emergency power and a User Manual.

  • Reliable, nearly 5-star rated product.
  • Can be installed in the existing knob lock hole.
  • Waterproof, backlit keypad for convenience at night.
  • Supports multiple passwords – as many as 10.
  • Anti-spy code encryption system.
  • No need of external wiring for installation.
  • Complaints about quality of wiring.
  • Rare issues regarding the acceptability of codes.
  • Reports of problems related to unlocking.

Buy Singstek Keyless Door Lock now from Amazon

5. Yale Security Touch Screen Deadbolt with Z-Wave in Satin Nickel (YRD226)Yale-Security-YRD220-ZW-619-Real-Living-Electronic-Touch-Screen-Deadbolt

Want a lock with touchscreen? It is a good idea. But, what if touchscreen becomes unresponsive? The simple answer is to go for a quality product.

Yale Security deadbolt is one of the best keyless door locks. It has a real living electronic touch screen that emanates a decent look. The working is flawless with precise accuracy.

The thing you would like most about Yale Security is its transitional design. So, you can customize the design to fit any door. In other words, you won’t have to make additional holes in the door for installation of the lock.

With this lock, you can provide secured access to your home to as many as 25 people. For this purpose, it has capacity to store over two dozen entry codes.

Don’t remember if you had re-locked the door or not? Yale Security Deadbolt understands your weak points and removes your fears. Just enable the auto re-lock functionality through the touch of a button.

If you detect a suspicious activity by a person authorized to unlock the door and want to block their pass codes immediately, the solution is there. When turned on, the “Privacy Mode” will lock out all the codes you would have given to different people.

In addition, this smart lock is capable of communicating with you in three different languages, namely, English, Spanish and French.

  • Capacity to store over two dozen entry codes.
  • Transitional design – an all door solution!
  • Built-in auto re-lock system.
  • Voice guided programming facility.
  • Interference alarms for wrong code attempts.
  • Very costly – Buy 6 Signstek or just on Yale!
  • Short battery life. No buttons
  • Touchscreen may become unresponsive

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6. Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Satin Nickel, BE469 CEN 619schlage-connect-camelot-touchscreen-deadbolt-review

Doesn’t is sound cute operating the door lock with your smartphone? But the system may fall a bit heavy on your pocket.

The new Schlage Connect Century carries majority of the features of Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt. It enjoys the rank of one of the best smart code deadbolts of present era. Decrease in price makes the lock more affordable. Like its Camelot counterpart, it has a built-in alarm system.

There are three alert modes (forced entry, activity and tamper) that will inform you about the security threats as soon as they occur. With the fingerprint-resistant touchscreen the wear patterns would remain undetected.

The built-in Z-wave technology allows you to control the lock right from your smartphone or a webpage – isn’t it so wonderful? Just install Schlage Connect Century keyless digital door lock on the door of your home or room. After that you should have least concern about the security of your belongings.

Enjoy the Ansi Grade 1 Security – the highest residential security standard. If you want protection against lock tampering, it’s there in the form of anti-pick shield.

The pre-built intelligent alarm system would detect any suspicious movement at the door and alert the homeowner about it.

  • Remote locking/unlocking via Smartphone
  • Conforms to the Highest Security Standards.
  • Lock tempering protection with anti-pick shield.
  • Built-in loud alert system.
  • 3 alert modes of activity, forced entry and tamper.
  • Complaints about quick battery drainage.
  • You can enable only one alarm mode at a time.
  • It does not offer Bluetooth compatibility.

Buy Schlage Connect Century now from Amazon

7. Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700 New version of SAMSUNG SHS-5230 digital door locksamsung-ezon-fingerprint-digital-door-lock-shs-5230-review

Here is one of the best keyless door security systems – Samsung Fingerprint Digital Door Lock.

The lock offers a keyless digital home security. At the same time, it eliminates the need for setting and remembering codes for locking and unlocking the door. However, you do have the option to manage ten different user codes to unlock the door.

Rendering some extra ease of operation, there is a considerably wide touch-pad screen. The cover over it has an auto sliding functionality. If you go for the English version, it has an English interface and manual. Besides, there are several other things which earn it the title of one of the best fingerprint door locks.

You will be surprised to note that Samsung’s advanced digital lock has the capacity to remember around 100 fingerprints.

It inevitably means that as many as hundred individuals can open the door by the use of their fingerprint. Meanwhile, there is one drawback of buying this lock, i.e. it is costly as compared with locks from several other companies.

However, if you have a look at its super modern working, the high price tag would get justified. Everything is simply perfect not only in function but also in style and structure.

  • Wide touch pad for extra ease.
  • Cover with auto sliding functionality.
  • Ability to remember 100 fingerprints.
  • Provided with mechanical override key.
  • Reports about difficulty in installation.
  • Complaints about noise when opening.
  • Some instances of touch failure.
  • Considerably costly.

Buy Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700 now from Amazon

8. Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 Touchscreen Deadbolt with alarm & Camelot Trimschlage-connect-camelot-touchscreen-deadbolt-review

Schlage’s Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt brings the ANSI Grade 1 – the highest security standard. You can confidently consider the Schlage Connect a marvel of the advance keyless door lock technology.

The Z-wave technology brings you a superb home security automation system. It allows you to lock or unlock the door remotely with the help of smartphone or web.

Three built-in alert modes of tamper, activity and forced entry keep you updated about any security threats all the time.

Schlage Connect combines all the best security features into one place. The matte finish of the sleek, modern and durable touchscreen is to protect against fingerprints and abrasive damages. You will particularly appreciate its capacity to store as many as 30 different access codes.

Every person living or working in your house, from kids to housekeeper, will have a password. They would be able to have their own unique security number to unlock the door.

This marvelous lock system is available in six different body shades. There might be slight differences of features with relative increase or decrease in prices. It also comes with a built-in alarm that detects the movement of the door. Afterwards, it alarms the homeowners with the help of a sound.

  • Stores up to 30 user codes.
  • Use smartphone or web to lock/unlock.
  • Based on the highest security standards.
  • Protection against fingerprints and smudges.
  • Quickly drains battery.
  • Loud locking/unlocking noise.
  • Reports about short working life.

Buy Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 now from Amazon

9. Kwikset Kevo (1st Gen) Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lockkwikset-kevo-smart-lock-with-keyless-bluetooth-touch

The touch-to-open technology of smart lock systems is now becoming more and more popular. And Kwikset is already a big name in the market.

One of the bestselling door locks, it brings you an amazing touch-to-open technology. Here, the users have the option to open the lock remotely with an extreme level of convenience. Simply, they can use their smartphone as a key.

The magic doesn’t end here – send an electronic key to your family members. So, they will also be able to open it with their smartphone. This innovative technology doesn’t even require you to take the phone out of your pocket.

Just touch the lock and it will come to know about the presence of your smartphone through Bluetooth. The door will get unlocked.

The company has developed and launched a Kevo Mobile App that you can easily install on your smartphone. Through this app, you can receive notifications about the lock activity. Also manage the eKeys at any time while sitting at any place.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. The Satin Nickel finish, on the other hand, renders it a crisp, clean and modern appearance.

  • Quick, ever-convenient remote operation.
  • Generate and send an electronic key to anyone.
  • Amazing touch-to-open feature.
  • Locking/unlocking history.
  • Install it with just a screw driver.
  • Greater affordability.
  • Limited Android compatibility.
  • App is too simple.
  • Security threat if phone is lost.
  • The app needs to run constantly in the background.

Buy Kwikset Kevo (1st Gen) now from Amazon

10. MiLocks DKK-02SN Indoor Electronic Touchpad Keyless Entry Door Lockmilocks-keyless-entry-touchpad-deadbolt-review

Meet one of the best keyless door lock systems in the town. It’s electronic touch pad keyless entry door lock from the house of MiLocks. As the product is on sale, you can easily save a significant amount. The users have expressed their satisfaction through the product reviews. Let’s have a look at its advanced features.

Install it with an electronic touch pad that adds to the comfort of handling the door lock. The design is such that you can easily install it on your door in place of the existing standard door knob.

Another good thing about the product is that it supports up to 6 user pass codes. It means, as many as six individuals can make keyless entries into the room. The users can adjust the latch according to their needs.

At the same time, the company is offering mechanical warranty for as many as 25 years. However, the electronic warranty is going to last for only a year.

It is because of these wonderful features that the product enjoys the rank of being one of the best seller entry door locks on Amazon.

  • Extremely economical.
  • Replace it directly for standard door knobs.
  • Greater latch adjustability.
  • Safe and affordable keyless entry.
  • Lock, unlock and low battery alarms.
  • Drains battery quickly.
  • Complaints about working of interior.
  • Setting up code may be difficult.

Buy MiLocks DKK-02SN now from Amazon

Types of Best Keyless Door Locks:

Do all the keyless entry systems fall in the same category? Well, that is not the case? You can divide the keyless door locks into different categories on the basis of their structure and mode of operation.

Some have the biometric fingerprint locking mechanism. The others come with digital deadbolt technology. The ‘push-button’ type involves the use of pin and tumbler system.

Still there are those which bring you the system for locking or unlocking the door with the help of your smartphone or web.

There can be many more but these four are the major types of keyless door locks. Here follows a brief overview of different types of keyless door locks:

Digital Deadbolt Keyless Door Locks

Have you ever used deadbolt door locks with keyless operation? Well, if not, you may think of using the one now. Among the keyless entry systems, the digital deadbolt door locks are most popular.

While looking for an alternative to their traditional door locks, the home owners prefer this type.

These locks offer a high level of simplicity and convenience in operation. In most of the cases, the locks have the capacity to store and work with multiple pass codes.

Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Systems

For the users, it is a big innovation with the top-level of convenience. You will simply enjoy using it.

A biometric fingerprint door lock system is the super-secret technology. It ensures maximum home security as well as convenience in handling the lock. It will take fingerprint and confirm your identity from the national database.

The locks based on the biometric fingerprint system are usually expensive. People like them because they offer a higher level of security and incredible ease of operation. For example, just put your finger on the fingerprint scanner and you will unlock the door within no time.

The finger prints of people have rare chances of matching. So, there is least possibility that some criminal will make an entry to your house.

Keyless Remote Controlled Door Locks

Locking or unlocking the door while you are miles away is a thrilling experience. You must be sure to get the same thrill as you experience it firsthand.

In this type of door locks, you don’t need to push any button on the lock. Even there is no need to touch it with the tip of a finger. The locking/unlocking operation is controllable remotely with the help of your smartphone. Wow, your smartphone acts as a key!

In case of keyless remote controlled door locks, the manufacturers usually provide an app. You can install that app easily on your handset. From this app, you can manage lots of passcodes. Then allot the passcodes to several individuals for entry into your home or office.

The apps from some popular brands also include the option to block all the entry pass codes as soon as you detect a potential threat. Also develop the connection between the lock and smartphone via Bluetooth.

What Things to Look for While Purchasing a Best Keyless Door Lock:

You know the things that give more demand more. I mean, the more valuable and technically advance things can be costlier.

In comparison with the traditional lock and key configurations, the keyless door locks are considerably expensive. So, while going for such an investment you should always make sure if it really gives you the return for your money.

If you want the best thing, must take into consideration the following important things.

  • Top-Line Security:

What will be the use of a lock if it does not give you the level of security you expect and need from it? It is the primary purpose of the lock to provide maximum security for your home.

So make this aspect the top priority and never compromise safety for economy, affordability, convenience of operation, or any other thing. Still there are brands that offer all-in-one package.

  • Comparative Affordability:

Can you harvest the benefits of an advance technology with an empty pocket? Definitely not. So, affordability matters.

Sometimes, a lock conforms to the 1st grade ANSI specs and has also earned 5-star or nearly 5-star ratings. Even then it doesn’t mean that you should immediately go for it. It is wise to select several such products from different manufacturers and go for the one that offers more affordability.

  • User Reviews:

Coming across a Grade 1 keyless lock is not enough. It is important to see if it has good reviews from the real life users. The user ratings give you the real idea about how the product works.

In this way, you also come to know about the reliability and any technical defects that might appear later on. If an item has earned 4-star or betting ratings collectively from hundreds of users, you can trust it as the best.

  • Conformity with Ansi Grade 1:

Ansi is the short form for American National Standards Institute. This institute determines the quality of a product and designates it as Grade 1, 2 or 3.

If a lock carries Grade 3 specifications, it is considered as good. The 2nd grade is used for a product that is better than others. The Grade 3 specification, on the other hand, designates a product as the best.

Obviously, if you want the best keyless lock, always make sure that it carries Grade 1 specs standards.

  • Convenient Operation:

People always expect an advance level of convenience from anything they make investment for. The best keyless door locks offer a surprising ease of operation. Some locks can be operated with the touch of a finger.

Also there are those which you can lock or unlock remotely with the help of your smartphone. Here is an extra ease – isn’t it?

You can go for an enhanced level of convenience in a lock only if your pocket allows for that.

The Benefits of Purchasing Keyless Door Locks

The keyless security systems carry lots of advantages. Besides providing you top-line security, they happen to be so convenient and simply wonderful in operation.

The keyless door locks come in various forms, functionalities and the modes of operation. They offer a great many benefits to the users both in terms of security and convenience.

When you are able to find a befitting door lock from a trusted brand, it will be even more advantageous for you. Below are some of the benefits of keyless door locks. Just go through them to realize the real worth of such innovative home security solutions.

  • Security Made Better & Smarter:

The traditional method of operating locks with keys involves several issues. For example, you have to keep the keys always with you and guard them against theft. If a key is lost, you’ll be unable to enter your own home. In case, the key goes to some wrong hands, all your valuable will be at the risk of being stolen.

The keyless door locks totally eliminate the need for carrying and protecting the keys.

There is no need to worry about losing the keys. Make use of smart keys with no physical body, i.e. the invisible code-based keys.

  • Smart/Invisible Keys:

Do you know the keyless door locks are not totally keyless? Definitely, they are to be operated with some keys, called the smart keys. But such keys do not have a physical existence. You can store the smart key in the form of a code in your mind.

Can anyone discover or know about this code without your permission? Obviously, it is impossible for any individual to dig into your mind and visualize the information stored over there.
  • Multiple Unlock Options:

There are various different types of keyless door locks. They vary particularly in terms of their mode of operation. For example, some require a pre-defined code which you can enter by using the keypad. Such locks usually have the ability to store a number of different uniquely defined codes.

The second type involves the use of fingerprints. Supporting multiple fingerprints, they allow several individuals to unlock the door. In the same way, there are various other types with wonderful tech specs.

  • Turn Smartphone into a Key:

You can operate or lock/unlock the most advance door lock systems remotely with the help of a Bluetooth connection.

So amazingly, in this case, you can turn your smartphone into a key and open the lock with a tap on the screen of your phone! The manufacturers provide an app and ask the users to install it on their gadgets.

  • Give Access to All Family Members/Relatives:

A lock usually has three or four keys. A keyless door lock, on the other hand, can store a large number of codes and fingerprints. These codes and fingerprints serve as keys. So, many individuals can operate them.

It means the house owner can give access to all the family members and relatives. There are units from the popular brands that have the ability to store over a hundred codes or fingerprints!
  • Quick & Convenient Installation:

The installation of a door lock can itself be a very hectic task. Being aware of it, the manufacturers of locks with keyless technology design their products in such a way that you can easily fit them in place of a key-based lock without requiring additional maneuvers.


A marvel of the modern technology, the keyless door locks have revolutionized your home security in terms of both perfection and convenience. The market has a plenty of keyless door locks brands and series.

Therefore, while going for such a wonderful security system for your home, you must carefully take into account different factors. These factors include your requirements, feasibility and affordability.

The locks with keyless unlocking technology exhibit different modes of operation. Each mode has its own practical worth. They include unlocking through code and fingerprint.

In some brands, you have the wonderful option to turn your smartphone in to a smart key. Here you can establish the remote connection through Bluetooth. Sometime, you can integrate a single lock with all the modes of operation, including code, fingerprint and remote key.

A lock with faulty or malicious operation can spoil all your investment. In case, you still install it on the door, it will be a compromise for the security of your home and the valuables. Malfunctioning can also prevent the lock from recognizing codes or fingerprints. Ultimately, you will have to remove it.

Always go for the best product from a reliable manufacturer. You can determine the worth and practical utility of an item by going through the user ratings. Meanwhile, the comments of the real life users are also helpful.

As you can realize it yourself, we believe in facilitating and assisting the users to the right direction. The best keyless door locks units, listed here, are attractive in design, convenient in operation, reliable in working and perfect for ultimate security.