August Smart Lock Keyless Review

August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone review

August smart lock has a vast experience in home automation and home security management system. The company has manufactured a number of smart security lock system that can be used for both domestically or commercially. August has brought a new state-of-the-art device as the August Smart Lock. Through the August Smart Lock, customers can open the door by using the Bluetooth feature of their smartphone.

The Bluetooth functions work both with the Android and the iOS. Customers just have to unlock the door with their Android capable phone and iPhone and that’s all. Customers just need to tap the screen when they are about to reach their home or office. After tapping the screen, the door will open instantly. The lock can prove to be very handy at times, because it doesn’t require a pass code to remember and enter. Customers can now unlock the door by just tapping the screen of their Bluetooth enabled smartphones.

The overall setting up of the device is quite easy. The users just have to create an account at the August official website and managed an electronic key (E-key) that is designed to handle multiple locks. In addition, customers can manage each and every lock and settings by the use of E-key. User can also have the option to distribute these unique e-keys to their friends, family or any other member that has a compatible tablet or smartphone.

The August smart lock synchronizes with the August smart lock app. Through this smart app, customers can easily set up the keyless entry system within 30 meters of their house. In addition, customers can also distribute these virtual keys to their friends or any member they wanted. Customers can set up a time access of up to 24 hours for their guests or friends.

In addition, customers can also have the privilege to use the Optional August Connect device to enable the phone to work with home’s Wi-Fi system. Through August Connect system, customers can monitor each and every activity of the locking and unlocking of the door lock. Customers can easily monitor the locking and unlocking activity on their smartphone from almost anywhere in the world. The August smart lock runs on a standard battery. However, the August Connect system requires a power source from the power outlet and must be installed within 9 meters of the August smart lock device.

The August smart lock device has a sleek, modern look that fits on most of the doors with quite ease. It also comes in a variety of color options as Gold, Red, Black and White.

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Installation of August Smart Lock.

The overall installation procedure of the device is much simpler and usually takes about 20 minutes to complete. Like the other door locks, the only tool needed for the installation of the device is a Philips screwdriver.

Additional Features:

Bluetooth enabled keyless entry

  • Can be opened with Bluetooth enabled gadget as a tablet or smartphone
  • The overall design of the locking device is very elegant, sleek and beautiful
  • Installation is very simple
  • Virtual key sharing technology
  • Strong user management system
  • The August lock device can also work through Wi-Fi by connecting to August Connect system
  • The installation is very easy


The overall feature of the device can prove to be very handy at times. Now, users don’t need to remember 4 digit pass code to unlock the door. The very same purpose can now be fulfilled by just using the Bluetooth of their device. Customers can also likewise share virtual keys with their friends or any member they wanted. The installation took only 20 minutes to complete. The new August Smart lock can prove to be a good addition to your home or office.

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