Best Fingerprint Door Locks (April. 2019) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best keyless door locks 2018

It is through the scrutiny of thousands of users’ feedback and comparison of features that we are able toprepare a list of the best fingerprint door locks 2018. If not interested in entire list, jump to Ardwolf A10 Fingerprint TouchscreenDoor Lock which is the best against affordable price.

The fingerprint door locks offer a safer, more convenient and technologically advanced alternative to traditional key-based lock systems for the security of your home, office or any other building.

The outdated technology not only involved a big hassle but also had some security loopholes. On the other hand, the modernized smart lock systems come with maximized security. Some are responsive to fingerprint.

So, you can unlock the door with just the touch of a finger. And, in some cases, there is even greater amazement. You can operate them remotely with the help of an app in your smartphone.

A you go closer to the door at a certain distance, it gets opened for you. At the same time, the option of key to open the lock, has not been eliminated completely. In most of the cases, optional keys are provided as a means to operate the lock in case of emergency when other options start working.

There are lock systems which support hundreds of fingerprints (sometimes equal to or more than 500) and user codes. Therefore, you can authorize lots of users to unlock the door.

How to Find the Best Finger Print Door Locks?

Amid increasing security threat, it becomes incredibly important to install only those locks which offer maximized safety against theft or other unlawful intrusions. Here the ease of use becomes a secondary thing.

But people usually look for such a lock system which combines comfort with safety. So, there are lots of brands in the market waiting for buyers’ appraisal and appreciation.

But you can’t afford experimentation as it will require a lot of time, effort as well as sound prior experience with different brands. It requires a bit care and effort on your part. The first thing, in this regard, is to collect products from different brands and look if they include all the required features. To check for superior tech enrichment, you can put the features of different products against each other for the sake of comparison and contrast.

The second important thing, in this regard, is to go through the ratings and read the reviews as left by the real-life users about the working of the product with all the promised features. Through this, you will come to know of the performance along with real pros and cons. But what should you do if you can’t do all this? What could be the shortcut to find the best finger print door locks? This article makes the job easy for you as a list of the top 5 best fingerprint door locks is provided.

Top 5 Best Fingerprint Door Locks:

To make the choice easy and one-stop for you, a list of the top 5 best fingerprint door locks has been prepared. The list includes only those products which are most feature-rich while also offering maximum safety, convenience and reliability. They are the from the trusted brands enjoying positive reviews and higher ratings from the users.

#1) Samsung Fingerprint & Push Pull Digital Door Lock with Dual Security and Multiple Access Methods

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung is already a name of towering statFingerprint-&-Push-Pullure in the global market in the domain of smartphone manufacturing.

It has been posing severe competition to the American Apple Inc. Here is yet another great thing from Samsung, the smart tech-rich door lock system.

The Samsung fingerprint door locks enjoy the trust of the users for offering top level security and ultra tech-enrichment. The new Samsung Fingerprint & Push Pull Digital Door Lock with dual security and multiple access methods seems to have no rivals in the market.

Let’s have a look at some of its pros and cons:

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  • Advanced digital system with push/pull innovation.
  • Keyless touchpad security.
  • Offers dual-way safety through magic number.
  • Supports password, Remote, KeyTag&Credit Card, etc.
  • Built-in fingerprint verification technology.
  • Fire-detection with alarm and autounlock.
  • Manual switchgear, an alternative to open the lock.
  • Features of crime protection and automatic lock/lockout.
  • Two pieces of emergency keys included.
  • The unit does not include remote.
  • It is not water resistant.
  • A bit costly, posing the issue of affordability.

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#2) Ultralog UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint Door Lock

Meet world’s first ever 5-in-1 smart lock system supporting top-notc3-Pack-Ultraloq-UL3h functionalities of fingerprint, smartphone, user code, knock to open and key.

So, you have five different options to operate the lock. As the product has recently been launched, you won’t find sufficient number of reviews to know about its working potential, efficiency and reliability.

However, 18 months electronic and lifetime mechanical warranty may serve as a source of consolation as you make the investment to buy this valuable product.

Listed below are some of the pros and cons of one of the world’s top 5 best fingerprint door lock systems for your perusal.

  • Waterproof as well as dust proof.
  • Use fingerprint, phone, code, key &“knock” to open.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Stores up to 95 fingerprints & user codes at a time.
  • Use for both left-handed and right-handed doors.
  • Anti-peep password & touch wakeup functionality.
  • Autoguiding OLED display to add or delete users.
  • Long battery life. Recharge for 8,000 times access.
  • DIY installation may not help.
  • Available in a couple of colors only.
  • Fingerprint support limited to just 95.
  • Electrical warranty limited to 18 months only.

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#3) ZKTeco TL100 Fingerprint Biometric Smart Door Lock

A marvel of the latest security tech standards, the ZKTeco TL100 smart lock is a fingerprint based and biometric security system.ZKTeco

It supports touchscreen keypad and keyless entry through multiple ways. It has been designed and engineered for high protection standard and makes use of the anti-theft mortise.

There is one latch and two security deadbolts which suit to most doors. However, before making a purchase, you are advised to read all the instructions carefully. Particularly, you should check the size of your door and make sure if they can match each other.

Prominent pros and cons of the lock are given below:

  • Open via code, fingerprint, key & ID card.
  • Supports 100 fingerprints &ID cards.
  • Lock allows for random passwords.
  • Built-in voice guide system.
  • It supports user data synchronization.
  • U-Disk saves time in repeated registrations.
  • Reversible design fits all door open directions.
  • Illuminated keypad for ease in pitch-darkness.
  • Not find it fit for external or outdoor usage.
  • Available in only one color, black.
  • It does not support remote control.
  • The installation is not that much easy.

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#4) Ardwolf A10 Fingerprint Touchscreen Door Lock with Visual Menu Display

Listed among the top 5 best fingerprint door locks, the Ardwold A10 offers a smart design and is packed with sophisticated technology.Ardwolf-A10

Here the users can enjoy all the advanced specs standards along with top level of security against an economical price package.

It also features an intuitive OLED display which offers a visual touch-enabled menu to guide the users through the process of operation of locking and unlocking. It also shows the battery level and alerts you about low battery.

It has got a reversible handle. So, you will find it suitable for the doors with left or right directions. The lock produces a beeper on/off sound which you can turn off if you don’t like.

Here follows as short list of the pros and cons of the lock.

  • A smart touch-based, fingerprint lock.
  • Visual menu display.
  • All-in-one flexibility.
  • Supports 500 fingerprints and 300 codes.
  • Includes two “Schlage C Key” mechanical keys
  • Fits right-handed and left-handed door types.
  • It has got a reversible lever.
  • Pre-built “Audit Trail” functionality.
  • Owner can track entry record of the lock.
  • Intuitive OLED display.
  • Complete user guide & intelligent functioning.
  • Shows battery level and alerts about low battery.
  • Cannot withstand heavy rains.
  • It is not soak waterproof.
  • Does not support ID card or remote.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty just for one year.
  • Not fit for installation on metal doors.

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#5) Ardwolf A1 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with Easy Installation and Use

Looking for a tech-rich smart security lock system for your home or office which also offers incredible affordability.Ardwolf-A1

You can get Ardwolf A1 biometric fingerprint door lock for just around $130, which is only half as much as the A10 touchscreen keyless door lock from the same manufacturer. This price efficient smart door lock system offers support for up to 100 fingerprints and an equal number of user codes. So, you can give authorized access to your home or office to hundreds of users.

With the self-learning ability, the lock system updates the user fingerprint template after each entry. This unique functionality of your powerful security unit serves to reduce the rejection rate to a significant extent. But the list of wonderful features does not end here.

Let’s learn more about Ardwolf A1 through its pros and cons as listed below.

  • Secure and easy operation.
  • Supports programming code & fingerprint to login.
  • Ease of use.
  • Quick installationon multiple locations.
  • Storesup to 100 fingerprints and user codes.
  • Significantly reduced rejection rate.
  • Lock updates fingerprint template after every entry.
  • Adjustable handle with reversible lever.
  • fits both left-handed and right-handed doors.
  • Double-shell heavy duty construction design.
  • A very economical and secure lock system.
  • Enable ‘passage mode’ to allow entry of everyone.
  • “Passage mode” can be disabled any time.
  • The door lock lacks WIFI control.
  • It does not allow access via ID cards.
  • Fingerprint support limited to 100.
  • An indoor lock. Not fit for exterior or outdoor.
  • Cannot be programmed for auto lock/unlock.
  • The lock is not waterproof.
  • Cannot be used in bathroom or on an outside door.

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