Best Kwikset Smart Code Deadbolt (April. 2019) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

With all the self-proclaimed various kinds of smart home products –  smart door locks happen to be one of the most well-known brand. Moving past the simple key, most of these locks were designed to be managed with your smartphone, and could be linked with a larger smart home system to offer the best result to users. For instance, your lights could automatically turn on whenever you un-lock your door.

The size of the SmartCode’s helps it to be less noticeable when compared with other locks, and enables you to make use of your old house keys if you wish.

How to select Top kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt

Kwikset’s SecureScreen feature

Presents you with the opportunity to punch in random digits before entering your personal code – A good way to ensure intruders can’t guess your code by fingerprint smudges alone. It also comes with an alarm that triggers automatically whenever anyone is trying to break in. Generally, It is an excellent all-around lock that enables you to explore the world of smart locks, “unlocking” its best features while making you feel comfortable.

Alarm System

Should anyone attempt to force this lock in anyway in order to get themselves through, this device will produce a sharp alarm, designed to scare away any burglar. This lock boasts an optimum security ranking. It offers you the opportunity to set up to Thirty codes, and also, the touch screen is smudge- and fingerprint-resistant.

No Key Entry

Accessing the design of this lock, the ring on its LED is definitely the only thing that indicates that the kwikset smartcode deadbolt lock isn’t your common deadbolt. When deployed together with a smartphone app, you can easily unlock your door by means of pressing the lock handy in case you have an armload of groceries.  The kwikset smartcode deadbolt  is among the few smart locks that can work with an app that works with smartphones easily.


With regards to cost, it actually depends on the places you purchase it, however,  they range between $100 – $200.  We believe that as a result of the quality of this product as well as what you will get with the deal, irrespective of what you have to pay, you will end up getting an high quality product.

Though, it would not be smart for us to help you decide on the product to choose from, however, we have compiled the list of the best kwikset smartcode deadbolt available in the market today.

Best Kwikset Available in The Market

1) Kwikset SmartCode 915 Touchscreen Electronic DeadboltKwikset-SmartCode-915-Touchscreen-Electronic-Deadbolt

Among the range of touchscreens deadbolt, the new SmartCode 915 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with SecureScreen technology is one of the best  products available in the market today.  It comes with an advanced touchscreen which is ultra responsive to touch for instant screen display and features cool white LEDs for defined illumination. It is easy to install, program, and use.

Another point to note is that it uses the Smart Key re-key technology as the back-up keyway. Above all, its comes in three different designs (The satin Nickel, Polished brass and Venetian Bronze)  That offers its users different amazing options to pick from.

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2) Kwikset 99110-009 SmartCode Electronic LockKwikset 99110-009 SmartCode Electronic Lock

If you have ever thought of a better way to control the security around your house and business, Then, with just your own personal code, you can protect designated areas around your offices and home with a few pushes of a button—then securely lock them with just one.  It also has a display backlit that lights up the keypad for better visibility in dark hallways or basement.

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3) Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 UL Electronic DeKwikset-99130-002-SmartCode-913-UL-Electronic-Deadboltadbolt

Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 UL Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel The Smartcode 913 electronic deadbolt can help you create style and security around your home and business. It comes with a keyless entry deadbolt which enables you to get into your home or business easily by setting up a personal code with only the push of a button.

It appearance comes in a reduced  interior size and sleek metal design to fit in perfectly with any Kwikset knob, lever or handle set.

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4) Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic DeadboltKwikset-909-SmartCode-Electronic-Deadbolt

Upgrade your personal security and safety with a more convenient keyless entry deadbolt  that comes with the Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt. Its functionality allows you to create your personal code, and with this, you can easily access your home by pressing few buttons to deactivate the lock and moving the handle.

This device also offers you more control over whoever wants to gain access to your home. By just setting up a temporary code to whoever needs one, and deleting it when its no longer required puts you in total control of your security. This device is very easy to setup, configure and operate.

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5) Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Touch-to-Open Bluetooth SmaKwikset-Kevo-2nd-Gen-Touch-to-Open-Bluetooth-Smart-Lock-in-Satin-Nickelrt Lock

This new invention called kevo lock from kwikset  is incredibly safe and sound, both digitally and mechanically. This device was created using various degrees of encryption to improve digital security, and it is continually reviewed by industry-leading independent digital security experts.

The lock also contains Kwikset’s patented New Advanced SmartKey technology, which is tested to the most stringent lock picking, key bumping, and physical security standards.

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