Buyer Guide’s for Keyless Door Locks

In this buyer guide for keyless door locks, you will learn about the invention, usability, types, Best keyless door locks 2018benefits and popularity of the keyless entry systems. Meanwhile, you will be provided with guidance to choose and purchase the best keyless door locks for your home, shop or any other building.


Evolution from “Lock & Key” to “Keyless” Entry:

It goes without saying that everyone wants to protect their home and valuables from the intruders. For this purpose, people have been using the traditional ‘lock and key’ systems for centuries. Some door locks are less secure while others come with added security. Recent advances in the security technology have resulted in the creation of interesting and convenient alternative solutions for security, called keyless door locks. These easy-to-operate and more secure entry setups completely eliminate the need for a key. However, in some brands and models key is provided only as an option.

Popularity of Keyless Door Locks:

Fascinated by their advanced features, people around the world have replaced the outdated ‘lock & key’ entry systems with the modern keyless entry setups. Such alternative security solutions have become commonplace in business and homes everywhere across the world. The individuals who install such units on their doors do not need to worry about the keys being stolen or lost. There will be no possibility for a wrong person to copy or steal the key and get entry into your home, shop or any other building. At the same time, keyless locks ensure an advanced level of security. The most attractive thing for the low income buyers is that such door locks are considerably less expensive.

Ways to Operate Keyless Door Locks:

Keyless door lock systems can be operated in a variety of ways, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. In this regard, there are different types of door locks, such as:

  1. Remote Control Door Locks:

The remote control door locks are supported with a remote control device. You can use it to unlock the door while standing at a reasonable distance. They are usually installed on the doors of homes, boats and vehicles.

  1. Digital Door Locks:

There are digital door locks which are powered by batteries and require a code for unlocking. Their internal functioning is, however, a bit different than a mechanical version.

  1. Mechanical Door Locks:

The mechanical door locks require the consumers to enter a private code. On doing so, the device creates a mechanical response and the door is unlocked. This type of lock is considered ideal for the places where electric or battery-powered locks cannot be installed.

  1. Biometric Door Locks:

Biometric door locks or fingerprint door locks are keyless door locks which can be operated biometrically, i.e. with the help of fingerprints. They have capacity to store multiple fingerprints and are installed on the doors of buildings that need ultra-high level of security.

Advantages of Keyless Entry Setup:

As compared with the traditional ‘lock & key’ setup, the keyless door lock systems offer lots of benefits to the consumers. They are likely to become a standard in the near future. Keyless door entry is itself not a new concept. Car manufacturers have been using them for a long time. The new thing is their introduction in the security systems of buildings. Given below is the list of some of the great advantages of keyless door locks:

  1. Get Rid of Keys:

As the very name suggests, the keyless door locks eliminate the need for keys. You can operate them in several different ways without the use of keys. So, there will be no need to worry if the keys are lost or stolen. This is one of the greatest advantages of the keyless entry systems.

  1. Remote-Controlled Entry:

It is interesting and convenient to unlock the door while standing at a certain distance. Yes, there are locks which can be easily operated with the help of a remote control device. It means the door can be unlocked even without touching it.

  1. Ultra-High Security:

One of the most attractive features of a keyless door locks is that they have potential to provide ultra-high level of security. As they eliminate the need for keys, there will be no risk of the keys falling into the wrong hands. Also, there is no possibility for anyone to copy the fingerprints and unlock the door.

How to Buy Keyless Door Locks:

You can buy a by vising a nearby hardware store in your area. You can also avail the online facility and place order on eBay or Amazon for the purchase of your favorite keyless entry system. While deciding about the brand of the lock, you should search for the ratings and reviews over the web.