Kwikset 909 Smart code Electronic Deadbolt Review

kwikset 909 smartcode electronic deadbolt review

Kwikset has been in the home security business for over 50 years. Kwikset has brought another quality locking product as Kwikset 909 Smart code Electronic Deadbolt. The new digital lock system features keypad lock system. Through this system, users can lock and unlock the door lock by entering the unique passwords via keypad. Users don’t need to bring the key each time they wanted to open the door. The very same purpose can now be fulfilled by entering the required security codes. The smart code is easy to install, operate and use.

If the customer accidentally lost his/her key, then there is nothing to worry because the door can still be opened by the entering the 4 digits pass code. This digital password totally eliminates the needs of a traditional key system. Customers can also set the temporary codes for friends or colleagues that can be deleted any time at the will of the customer. The keypad also features back light. Now, customers can easily set the desired pass code on the back light keypad without the need of any sufficient external light source.

The new Kwikset digital lock system also features a smart key re-key technology. With this technology, customers can open the door with the back-up key. The overall procedure of setting up the backup key through re-key technology is quite simple. Moreover, the re-key technology also allows you to control who has access to your home or office in your absence. The lock system also features bump guard technology, which provide adequate protection against lock bumping.

The new Kwikset 909 smart code deadbolt system comes in 3 different and versatile colors as polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze. Each color fits nicely to different color of the door.

The new Kwikset 898 Smart code deadbolt runs on a standard 4 AA batteries. The life of the battery can be as long as one year. The indicator light flashes yellow in the case of batteries needs to be replaced.


The overall installation procedure of the new Kwikset is quite simple and should not take more than an hour to complete. Like the other door system, the only tool required for the installation of the Kwikset 909 Smart code is just a Philips Screwdriver.

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Additional Features of Kwikset 909 Smart code Electronic Deadbolt:

  • Keyless entry through keypad
  • The device features smart re-key technology
  • Comes in a variety of finishes
  • Auto-lock system, door will auto-lock after 30 seconds
  • Back light for increased visibility in dark conditions
  • Installation of the product requires no additional wiring’s and requires only Philips screwdriver
  • Lock can be unlocked/locked by means of a traditional key or digital keypad
  • Lock-Bumping prevention technology


The new Kwikset 909 Smart code deadbolt features keyless technology, which means that the lock can be easily unlocked with or without the presence of a traditional key. It also features re-key technology. Apart from setting main codes, temporary codes can also be set on the Kwikset door lock system. In dark conditions, the door can easily be unlocked through back light system. This door lock can be an ideal choice for protection your interior/exterior rooms or offices in a smarter way.

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