kwikset kevo smart lock Reviwe

The new Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock review with Keyless Bluetooth Touch enabled lock is another high-end product of Kwikset. The new Bluetooth door lock can be unlocked by using the key or by using the Bluetooth function of the smartphone. The new Kwikset can now be unlocked, simply by using the Bluetooth of your internet enabled gadget. Now, customers don’t need the conventional keys each time they wanted to unlock the door. The same purpose can now be fulfilled by using Bluetooth.

Keyless Door Locks BlueTooth Technology

The Bluetooth enabled door features single cylinder that provides complete peace of mind against the lock, pick and bumping. The overall looks of the door is very modern and stylish.

The new door lock can be controlled by the Kevo mobile app that works for both the Android and iOS.

Features of Kwikset Kevo Mobile App:

Customers have to synchronize their Bluetooth enabled lock with Kevo mobile app. After synchronizing the app, users can likewise set the Electronic Key (eKey). This electronic key will be required each time the users wanted to lock or unlock the door. Customers can also send this unique eKey to their friends, family or colleagues. Anyone can open the door if they have this unique eKey.

Customers will be notified on their App each time the door is opened. The Kevo mobile app is very secure and no one can unlock the door by using the Bluetooth without the knowledge and permission of the owner. For additional protection, Customers can also change the unique eKey via Kevo mobile app. Customers can also disable the security eKeys by using the mobile app.

Customers can also use the smart re-key technology. With this new technology, users can re-key their lock in just three simple and easy steps. The Kevo mobile app works on both the Android 5 devices and iPhone 4S or higher.

Installation of Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock with Keyless Bluetooth Touch:

The overall installation of Kevo door lock is quite easy and doesn’t need any technicalities. The new Bluetooth enabled door lock can easily be installed with the help of a standard screwdriver. Now, you can yourself install the door lock with a standard screwdriver.

Other Features:

  • Now your smartphone can now be your key
  • The door lock also features touch to open convenience
  • All the door locking and unlocking activity can be monitored on the user-friendly Kevo mobile app
  • Users can manage and edit eKeys used for unlocking the door
  • User receives instant notification during an attempt of locking or unlocking the lock
  • The Kevo mobile app also shows the recent usage history

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