Samsung Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock Review

The South Korean technology giant has brought another quality locking device as SHS-5230. The new device is equipped with a fingerprint scanner for bio metric security purposes. Now, customers can lock and unlock the door with their fingerprint impression. The door will only be unlocked if it gets the desired fingerprint impression of the user. Along with fingerprint security, the new SHS-5230 is also equipped with double authentication mode. With double authentication mode, the device can be locked and unlocked by both fingerprint impression and password. What’s more security customers can ask for?

samsung ezon fingerprint digital door lock shs-5230 review

A customer can set the fingerprint lock, password or both. If double authentication mode sets, then the lock can only opened by verifying the both security verification. The Samsung locking device uses the state-of-the-art personal fingerprint scanner method. That means customers will get the desired security with additional safety. Customers have the liberty to set up 100 different fingerprint passwords on the device. All these codes can also be activated or d-activated at the will of the customer. For additional security purposes, the keypad panel of the SHS-5230 lock system can automatically covered after pressing the door’s center lock button.

The device is also equipped with Magic Number Double Security Password Method. With this method, guessing fingerprint passwords can be prevented thus enhances double security. The new Samsung SHS-5230 lock has also been passed through additional electrical shocks, fire prevention and circuit strength tests. The advance and high-end circuit of the door can easily withstand high electrical voltages, hence safety is strengthened. The door is also equipped with a heat prevention system; means if door detects the temperature of 60⁰C or higher, then the lock will automatically open.  However, if the manual feature is set then the door can only be opened manually if an electronic malfunction occurs in the circuit.

The Samsung digital lock also features assurance knob secure door; means while getting out of the room by pushing the knob and pushing the opening button prevents any unauthorized entries.

Users can also set the sound of digit pressing and the opening of the door. This feature can prove to be very useful at night time when extra security is needed. The Samsung lock runs on standard batteries, if batteries run out, then the door can still be opened from the outside by using a standard 9v battery.

Installation of the Samsung Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230:

The overall installation of the Samsung lock is quite simple and easy and it takes about 30 minutes or so. The only tool needed for the installation of the lock is a screwdriver. The Samsung SHS-5230 can be installed at the door thickness from 40mm to 60mm, 80mm is an optional.

Other Features of Samsung Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230:

  • Double security authentication feature
  • Biometric security through Fingerprint scanner
  • Fire prevention system
  • Electrical Shock prevention system
  • Volume of sound can be adjusted as per the will of the customer
  • Secure Door Knob function
  • User can set up to 100 different fingerprint codes
  • If the battery runs out, the door can still be opened from outside by using a 9v battery


The new Samsung SHS-5230 digital lock system can be a perfect choice to secure all your high-profile rooms in a smarter way. The Samsung digital lock is equipped with state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner that prevents an unauthorized entry. The lock also features double authentication mode, which needs both the password and fingerprint impression prior locking the door. The digital lock is equipped with additional protection against fire and electrical shock. The new Samsung SHS-5230 can be great choice for all your smart security needs.

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