Signstek Keyless Digital Electronic Door Lock Review

Would you believe Signstek brings you digital door lock system against unthinkably low price? But that’s the fact!

Get the complete package against even less than $50! Still there is no compromise for quality. The digital keyless door lock has also earned nearly 5-star ratings on

The Signstek keyless digital door lock is another high-end product from Signstek. This digital keyless door lock system uses the passwords for unlocking the door. Now, you don’t need to carry a key of the lock while moving out for jogging or work.signstek-keyless-digital-electronic-entry-security-safety-door-lock

You just need to enter the security code to unlock the door. Users also have the liberty to add one master password and 9 different passwords. Use the master code to delete or add any sub passwords.

The Signstek keyless digital lock system also features a single-critical opening function. It means you can open the door by pressing any digital key of the keypad.

If the device malfunctions in remembering the password, you can reset it so quickly and conveniently. Now, you can go outside their home without the need to check the pocket multiple times for the key. You just have to remember the master password or any other sub-password for unlocking the door.

The keyless digital lock system gives warning if there is need to replace the batteries. It also comes with emergency power system.

You can use this emergency power function to unlock the door if the battery of the lock runs out and you want to enter the house. Meanwhile, the battering changing doesn’t put any effect on the data or passwords in the lock memory of the digital lock.

The Signstek digital lock system also features free rotating tackle that prevents the unlock by violence. For additional protection purposes, the device is also equipped with anti-spy code encryption mode.

This keyless product comes with 6 months guarantee and 30 days free return and money back warranty. With all these wonderful features, the price of the keyless product is also on the lower side.

  • Reliable, nearly 5-star rated product.
  • Can be installed in the existing knob lock hole.
  • Waterproof, backlit keypad for convenience at night.
  • Supports multiple passwords – as many as 10.
  • Anti-spy code encryption system.
  • No need of external wiring for installation.
  • Complaints about quality of wiring.
  • Rare issues regarding the acceptability of codes.
  • Reports of problems related to unlocking.

Installation of Signstek Keyless Digital Electronic Door Lock:

The overall installation procedure of the new Signstek digital lock system is quite simple. It is also so quick to do. The whole installation requires not more than 15-20 minutes in a pre-drilled door.

How to Install and Configure Signstek Digital Door Lock?

It is not illogical to say that lock can be installed so easily within a few minutes. Why shouldn’t it be quick and convenient when you can install the lock system in the existing hole? Meanwhile, there are just a few perks that you need to perform.

Here are a few steps for complete installation.

  • Firstly, use a screw driver and other required tools to take out the existing latch from the timber door.
  • Secondly, remove dirt and other particles from the door hole.
  • Thirdly, open the Signstek digital keyless door lock package and take out all the lock components.
  • Take the latch and insert it into the existing hole. If the hole needs some changes, use the electric drill to make amends.
  • Fit the latch into the hole and fix it with the help of screws.
  • Afterward, you need to install the outside knob. Meantime, make sure that the power cable and spindle are correctly passed through the latch hole.
  • Now it’s time to install the inside knob. Also join it with the outside knob by using the mounting screws.
  • Finally, install battery and fix the cover.
  • It’s done – have fun!

Additional Features:

  • Keyless digital lock system.
  • User can set 1 master password and up to 9 sub-passwords in the memory of the lock.
  • You can use the grasp passwords to edit or change any sub-password.
  • Adjusting and editing of master password and sub-password is totally hassle-free.
  • The device is equipped with resetting feature.
  • Long battery life of 6 months.
  • Low battery warning with emergency power bounce override function.
  • Anti-Spy code encryption technology.
  • American tubular latch.
  • The installation takes only 15 minutes in total.
  • Free rotating tackle technology.
  • The lock also features outer-emergent energy opening operation.
  • Features one-key opening function.
  • The fired user can be deleted individually by using the master password.
  • Incredibly low price


With all the amazing features, the Signstek digital lock system becomes an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor security without the need for any external wiring. The overall programming of the door is quite simple and easy.

You can open the door by just entering a single key. A customer can store up to 10 passwords in total which includes one master password and 9 sub-passwords. The product comes with exceptionally long battery life of 6 months.

In addition to the standard battery, the keyless door is also accompanied by an emergency power source. The manufacturers also offer thirty days money back warranty.

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