Yale Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt Review


Yale is one of the oldest international company that is engaging in locking business since 1843. The company has a vast experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art locking devices. Yale have brought another quality product as Yale Security Real Living Electronic Touchscreen locking device. The new Yale locking device has a wide array of functions that users can customize according to their needs and requirements. The new Yale lock system is equipped with both the touch screen and traditional key slot. Now, customers can unlock the door by just entering their password or using the traditional key.

One if the exciting features of the Yale digital lock is its voice programming feature. This voice programming feature lets you to program the different parameters of the lock through voice. Customers can interact with the device in three different languages. The locking device also features a nice attractive chime for numeric keypad button, lock close; lock open, wrong pin, etc. The speaker of the device is mounted outside the locking device. This is so, because the people in the house wouldn’t disturb when someone tries to unlock the door by pressing the buttons from outside of the house.

Customers can set unique pass codes from the full numeric keypad for unlocking the door. As a keyless entry device, it is very important that complete security is taken seriously that also provides complete peace of mind. User can submit the numeric digit code by pressing the“*” button on the numeric pad. The code will only submit, if the user presses the hash button on the numeric keypad. Users can set a number of locking codes. The digital numeric pad also features back light. This back light enables the user to enter the pass codes in dark conditions or in the absence of any external light source. The numeric digits on the keypad automatically disappear after some time of inactivity, and only appears when you really need it.

The overall sound of the opening and closing mechanism of the locking door is pretty quite. The new Yale lock device comes in 3 different appealing colors. The new Yale locking device is powered by a 4 AA batteries. The Yale locking device is also equipped with a low battery indicator, in the case batteries need to be replaced.

Installation of  Yale Security Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt:

The overall installation procedure of the new Yale locking device is quite simple and it should not take more than 30 minutes. The only tool required for the installation of the device is a Philips screwdriver.

Additional Features:

  • Overall installation of the device is very simple and easy
  • The programming is very simple
  • Features voice programming in 3 different languages
  • The sound of the locking mechanism is very quite
  • The Overall design of the device is very neat, clean and classy
  • If keys are lost, then cylinder can be replaced
  • Features back light keypad light
  • Home Automation Integration
  • Complete numeric keypad
  • The pass code could only be accepted by pressing the “*” of the keypad


The new Yale lock system can be a perfect security choice for your home or office. The device has the built-in complete numeric keypad, which can be used for entering the code. Apart from entering the code, customer can also unlock the door by using the traditional key. The device also features voice prompting for programming. If a customer wants to replace his/her old deadbolts with the new one, which also give complete peace of mind. Then, this is the digital locking system for you.

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